The Bicycle Diaries

I really wanted to do the Karakorum Highway on a bicycle and in Turpan I met another friendly tourist who had the same idea and could speak some Chinese. We hitchhiked from Kashgar to Tashkurgan. At a checkpoint the police officers were asking cars to give us a lift. The driver asked us some money and as it was quite late we agreed for a fair price.

Some water on the way
Some water on the way

Next morning we rented a couple of so-so bikes (made in China…) in Tashkurgan and found a truck to take us to the Kunjerab pass, the highest border in the world ad 4800m. We cycled back to Tashkurgan in one day. A Tajik family invited us to their house to have some bread and yogurt. The journey was tough but the area very pretty. At night my ass was feeling as if I was living in an African jail. I looked around town for meat with Clembuterol to recover but couldn’t find it.



The second day was the most difficult as it was mainly uphill. We slept with a Kirgiz family at their yurt by the beautiful Karakol lake. I was badly sun burnt despite of using a 30 factor sunscreen.


For the 3rd and last day the road was quite easy but long, about 200 km. It was very hot. I drank 6 liters of water without peeing. It took me almost 13 hours with breaks, tough my mate was much faster. When we finished we were very tired, sun burnt and with pain in any possible part of the body. Anyway it was worth it, the landscape was amazing and the experience great.



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