Julio: Cultural Learnings of Kazakhstan for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Galicia

Update: When I wrote this post I forgot to tell you about a movie that may be of interest to many of you. Borat is not the only Kazakh movie. If you want to get more insight about Kazakh nomadic steppe sheep you should watch Tulpan. 100 thrilling minutes observing the difficult yet exciting life of such wonderful animals!. Very likely, if you watch it you will be left hungry for more nomadic life amusement. Then you can check right away this Mongolian one about a camel, very moving when the humpbacked dies in the end. Both highly recommended, think about showing off to hipsters. Sweet dreams.

Kazakhstan is the most developed and westernized country in the region so I guess Borat would rather be Kyrgyz or Uighur. I had less than a week in the country and I was quite lazy at this point of the trip so didn’t do much, just Almaty.

Almaty is another pleasant Soviet city with the usual big gardens, leafy avenues, krushchyovskas… I stayed with the best CS host at her amazing 18th-floor apartment enjoying sunsets, good music, beer, vodka and the company of other nice fellow travelers.

Cathedral in Almaty. Apparently all made of wood  (even the screws)
Cathedral in Almaty. Apparently all made of wood (even the screws)

The only place I visited was the Kazakh “great canyon”. It may the Colorado one, but it is cool. I spent one night camped there and as I arrive quite late I had the whole place to myself and skipped the entry fee.

Here you go

I hope next time I have more time in the country to explore its many worldwide famous  tourist attractions such as Astana, the steppe and… wellyou know… all the others.

The pretty steppe, a huge mass of nothingness. In a lucky day you may even find a sheep but don't count on it
Pretty steppe, a huge mass of nothingness. On a lucky day, you may even find a sheep to shag but don’t count on it

One night going out I decided to exchange my second phone for a donkey. OK… that’s not true. I wish I did so I’d be the owner of a cool donkey, but that was not the case :(. I finish my trip without any phone or donkey. What happened that night may fill another post in the future, not sure. For the time being I am gonna leave here the pic of the happy donkey I posted a long time ago

Happy donkey
Happy Donkey

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