The Making Of

Two months later here I am writing and still missing Asia a lot. But let’s be positive, here it is possible as well to do nice things and have new experiences… bullshit!

Anyway, I am writing this post to tell about how it felt to do this blog, how it was done, the magic behind the scenes and all that crap. I found a great and pleasure and relieve in writing. I could say that I did it for friends or whatever but no, the truth is (contains Breaking Bad spoiler):

The blog was written in 3 different notebooks which probably will end up in museums when I become famous. You can see in the pics. From those to computers mainly at internet cafes. Many times when typing in the night loneliness I was feeling a bit like a mix of Uncle Traveling Matt from Fraggle Rock and Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris before awesomening up to Barney Stinson).


When I had some idea I was writing it down (the part I liked, beer helped a lot) and later when I would feel like, I would try to wrap those into texts. That was the most difficult part, as my skills are not the right ones for that task. But it is important to keep things tidy I guess, that’s why when I go to a bookshop I try to place the Bible under sci-fi and Coelho’s in the dust bin.


I am very satisfied with the feedback I got and the audience, more than expected. Though sometimes I thought about including terrorist threats to get Obama and the NSA to read it.


There are a few future developments I have in mind. They are very unlikely to happen though, mainly because of laziness:

  • Making it stylish (web design-development, WordPress… I don’t like)
  • More pictures
  • More sexual jokes and racism
  • Writing about other subjects of my interest, such as international politics, beer, Dostoievski, sheep, green energies,  German porn, Ingmar Bergman, curling…
  • Goats and donkeys
  • Adding posts from previous trips
  • Hashtags (the international looking for attention sign)
  • Including the word beer in every single post (not many missing). Some people told me these days that from the blog they got the impression I was involved in much drinking and general debauchery (I just learnt this word, liked it and wanted to use). Not at all, just a few times but then it’s when interesting things happen, no good story ever started with drinking tea.

It was not always easy as many times I was running out of ideas and happenings to post about but then who cares? fuck it!, after all I am no writer just another dude with another lame travel blog.

Hard working
Hard working in Katha, Myanmar

OK, now the truth. I just stayed at home, photoshopped myself into some pics of places and hired a 10 years old Chinese boy to write the blog.