Los Lunes al Sol (Mondays in the Sun)

With only a year delay, I am back here. Not that I had much to write about, but it looks like finally I managed to overcome my laziness. This post covers from Nov 2013 till March 2014 approx. Once back home I spent almost 3 months with the best hosts, my parents and enjoying friends. It was not a productive time and I became the procrastination king. It was not easy to deal with the reverse culture shock. As I failed to find an alternative to paid work or do something I like, probably due to lack of courage and will, it was time to take a break from traveling and look for a job. No more full-time awesomeness for a while 😦

I spent some time between Brussels and London crossing the Eurotunnel a few times. Last time I was in Belgium was 10 years before, doing interrail. This time I discovered other parts of the city like a good area for window shopping, similar to the one in Amsterdam, but rougher and not touristy at all. I shortly visited pretty Gent and Lille as well. Brussels is not a bad place and I had a good time thanks to my friends and the best beer in the world. I confirmed something I always suspected, I could be happy with a housewife lifestyle.

As much as I hate London this time it was not that bad at all as I stayed with friends and most of the time in Brixton, probably the best part of the city. My life was kind of house cat like, and I was good at it, especially at taking naps, on a good day I could take up to 5 or 6. Don’t know how the karma thing works but I feel I am in debt with a lot of people.

I was receiving plenty of calls from “lovely” bullshitting recruiters, but few interviews. Remember, all recruiters are bastards. I don’t know why but I felt many people were questioning my professionalism after one year traveling. Some were implying that work was not my main priority in life and I was doing it just to get money for my hobbies, crazy idea. After 3 months not being offered a single job, I got like 4 in 2 weeks. Jobs are like chicks, only they don’t have boobs. End of story, I went for a 5 months contract to Sweden, so expect next posts to be about Abba, IKEA, blondies…

I realized nowadays everything on the internet is about stupid listings so I may write some and see if I get some fb likes. One about top beaches coming soon and thinking about others like best cities, worst toilettes, cheapest brothels.

The only pic I have for this period is from the Eurotunnel from the inside at night and without lights. Enjoy the view of such a marvelous engineering work.



2 thoughts on “Los Lunes al Sol (Mondays in the Sun)”

  1. Looking forward for tales under the northern lights. I think we travelled in the same cabin in the Eurostar. Looks pretty similar…

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