Dancer in the Light

After so many requests from all my fans (between one and zero), I am writing a bit more here. OK, the truth, I run out of tv series to watch and I am bored to death.

Where did I leave this…? Oh I was in Sweden, yes… Because sometimes I need to take a break from holidays and work. Days were passing and I was very smoothly settling in Odin’s land. With the spring arrival, Skane fields countryside turned into the pretty yellow color of the rapeseed flowers, such a beautiful landscape for a sunset walk or outdoors pooping.

In May, I moved to the place where I would live for the rest stay, a house with farm and eco shop. There were quite a few animals around, chicken, geese, ducks, t-rex, tropical birds and sheep… sweet sheep. Nothing cheers me up more than the sight of my sheep in the morning and, don’t think bad, I don’t look at sheep the same sexual way Welsh men do.

The flat lands and quite roads of Skane make of it a perfect place for cycling. So I started to take advantage of the sunny and unusual warm spring days. I rode to pretty Ystad including a beach and a castle on the way. Even using sunscreen, I managed to get sunburnt in May in Sweden.

Swedish wild life as seen from my window - Party - The road to Ystd - Sweet home
Swedish wildlife as seen from my window – Party – The road to Ystad – Sweet home

My first visitor came in June and I went to Copenhagen for the Distortion festival. The land of reasonably priced beer. The music was not my favourite but have to say the atmosphere was great. Very friendly and laid back people, great weather, long days. There were party buses, party boats, street parties and so on. I didn’t have very high expectations about Copenhagen and left with a great impression. Kind of Berlin meets Scandinavia. A pretty green city where the artisty vibe gets along very well with clean, efficient and calm Scandinavia.

larsThe most amazing thing happened when after leaving Christiania I bumped into Lars von Trier. I couldn’t resist from grabbing him to ask about his opinion on the references to Soren Kierkegaard Christian existentialism in Carl Theodor Dreyer masterpiece “Ordet”. I will always remember he replied to me: “Dude, I am not Lars von Trier, leave me alone!”.