Top 15 Best Beaches

This is the list of the best beaches/beach destinations I have been to. They are mainly ranked according to the beaches themselves, but I took into consideration the attractions around as well. Although I could fill this list almost entirely with SE Asia ones I gave extra weight to others for more diversity. If you have any suggestion fire up in comments.

1. Togean Islands – Sulawesi – Indonesia

Why? Perfect tropical paradise, that’s it. More

Cons: Difficult to get there, don’t go, go to Bali instead 🙂

Beach – Blue Star – Sunset – Bajau Houses

2. Railay – Krabi – Thailand

Why? Astonishing karst formations. Consist of 4 beaches: Pranang (probably most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen), West Railay (sunsets and bonfires), East Railay, and Ton Sai (caters to backpackers and climbers). Monkeys. Don’t miss the lagoon! More

Cons: As many places in Thailand, tourists, ranging from fake hippies to posh-luxury


3. Reynisfjara (Black Beach)  – Vik – Iceland

Why? Epic Icelandic landscape, black sand, formations like the ones at the Giant Causeway, amazing rocks in the sea. Next to Vik village with its picturesque church. The pretty Dyrholaey arch is nearby and not far plenty of awesome waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes…

Cons: Wheater, cold water (I tried it at Vik). I was lucky and got a very warm sunny day for Icelandic standards (+18)

Not my pics. I've lost mine :(
Not my pics. I’ve lost mine 😦

4. Tiny Island – Mentawai – Indonesia

Why? Remote inhabited island, palm trees, clear water, white sand, fish. More

Cons: Mosquitoes on steroids, malaria zone. Dont’t know the name of the island, Masalot???

Sunset - Beach - More Beach - Me
Sunrise – Beach – More Beach – Me

5. Glyka Nera (Sweet Water) – Crete – Greece

Why? Secluded and quiet. Fresh water springs next to the sea. Good for camping or sleeping rough. Nudist. Goats!

Cons: Some pebbles. We got there at night and when we went back at day time didn’t look good at all for someone scared of heights like me, that was before Asia where I walked many much worse ones.

View - Goat - Path - Beach
View – Goat – Path – Beach

6. Tulum – Quintana Roo – Mexico

Why? Mayan ruins by a pretty tropical beach. Iguanas around. Nearby cenotes to visit. Tequila and mezcal. I had to add one from America 🙂

Cons: Guess it… Gringos

Not my pic, again mine are lost
Not my pic, again mine are lost

7. Praia das Catedrais (Cathedrals Beach) – Galicia

Why? I was born about 40 km from this beauty! Amazing rock formations.

Cons: Rain. People from Madrid visiting during summer time.

not my pic
not my pic

8. Koh Rong Island – Cambodia

Why? Crystal clear water. Sand so white that was hurting my eyes. Cheap beer. More

Cons: Development plans for the island threaten the calm vibe.

this guy doesn't give a fuck
this guy doesn’t give a fuck

9.  Weekuri – Sumba – Indonesia

Why? The beach is nice, but the amazing nearby lagoon is the main reason I am including this one, which may not be fair. More

Cons: Try to find the lagoon by yourself… no info anywhere, better go back to Bali 🙂


10. Random Beach – NordKapp – Norway

Why? I found by chance this pretty small arctic beach near the Nordkapp road toll. Spectacular fjord landscape. Midnight sun (or midnight rain).

Cons: Supercold water, I went for a short swim and my penis looked like regular size. End of June and there was still snow on the beach.

End of June!
End of June!

11.  Haad Khom – Koh Phangan – Thailand

Why? Another pretty tropical beach, a quite one in the party island. Resident pig. People say that nearby bottle beach is better. More

Cons: Tourists

Oink Oink
Another Lame Tropical Beach

12. Akrotiri (Red Beach) – Santorini – Greece

Why? Red sand, red cliffs

Cons: The most touristy on this list, many from Britain or Merkelland

Red, I don’t lie

13. Koufunisia – Greece

Why? Koufuinisia is a small island with plenty of nice beaches and pretty spots like the hole in the pic, located next to a pretty nudist beach

Cons: Very few tourists when I was there, but I am afraid that’s not the case anymore.

Something – Sex Symbol – Mikel Climbing – Hole

14. Seven Sisters – England

Why? White cliffs

Cons: Pebbles and not many thrills apart from the cliffs. Londoners.

not my pic, didn't care enough to take one
not my pic, didn’t care enough to take one

15. Komodo – Indonesia

Why? Big lizards. Komodo village nearby. Good snorkelling. More

Cons: Sorry for repeating myself, tourists