I have a few pending posts to write about Sweden, England, Mexico, Mallorca… but will leave them for now to focus in South America where I am currently travelling.

And I will start by translating something I wrote in Spanish for a contest to win a trip do SA (original with pics). I missed the price just for a few votes (got 112 and the winner over 1000). My presentation was clearly the best but most voters are stupid and I didn’t have the media support, you know how the so called “democracy” works. Well, I am in SA anyway. So here the crap I wrote:

It seems that there are more people in this contest than in the job center line in Spain, but, if Rajoy won an election and Arbeloa a World Cup, I stand a chance. It is about time that South Americans can enjoy my awesomeness as others did in many places. I do not like to brag, but I was in more than 60 countries and can play the triangle. Among my experiences: living with remote tribes in Mentawai and Sulawesi (Indonesia), drinking vodka for breakfast with Kyrgyz nomads, cycling in the Karakoram highway, Nordkapp, eating tortilla in Betanzos, 3 weeks trekking in the mountains of Nepal, hitchhiking the Pamir Highway, remote Burma, Laos, Iran, Oman, Tajikistan and more … I have a blog  year compiling stories from one year in Asia, which used to have about 100 readers per day (10 from friends and 90 from bots I created to feel appreciated). This is the most liked post on FB.

Not yet sure you will vote for me? Here you have the list of things I want to achieve there:

  • Party at Rio Carnival and get as many STDs as I can
  • Visit Machu Pichu and Uyuni without taking a single picture
  • Strengthen the commercial exchanges between Colombia and my native Galicia
  • Open a phone call center in Ecuador
  • Ride the Panamericana on a bicycle and the Austral Road on a donkey
  • Climbing Aconcagua
  • Buy toilette paper in Venezuela
  • Many volunteering projects, permaculture, sustainability, wwoofing and all that shit
  • Live along Guyana tribes
  • Steal an Argentinian guy’s girlfriend
  • Wear Evo’s jumper
  • Find Paulo Coelho. Kill him. “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
  • Record the “cerveza” tune with Wendy Sulca
  • Spit on llamas
  • Film an Argentinian movie without Ricardo Darin
  • Go for a ride on Mujica’s Beatle
  • Hitchhike to Antartica
  • Invite Kevin Roldan to my bday party
  • Kill hippies in El Bolson
  • Spend most of the prize money on booze, drugs and… squander the rest