Top 10 lamest animals

Because lists seem to be the thing among lazy readers, here you have one with some pathetic creatures I found on my trips. Will try to publish one with the most awesome ones at some point.

1. Komodo Dragon

Awakening a sleeping dragon just cos I was bored

Where? Komodo Island, Nussa Tengara, Indonesia

Why? They don’t spit fire or fly. Big disappointment. They should be called Komodo lizards or Komodo dicks

2. Orangutan

Where? Bukit Lawan, Sumatra, Indonesia

Why? Any red haired primate is meager (think Ed Sheeran). Other monkeys make fun of them.

3. Guanaco

This guanaco voted for Macri

Where? Argentinian pampa

Why? Get stuck on fences and die

4. Yak

Where? Nepal

Why? Like German girls, these hairy creatures don’t shave. Yaks have been known to inadvertently shove people off the path and down the steep slopes while hiking, a dumb way to die

5. Reindeer

Where? Lapland

Why? Will stand in the middle of the road and not move if you are driving a car. Try to get out to take a pic and they will run away as. They provide sleigh rides to tourist and end up on the plate for dinner. Some people admire how they adapted to the cold weather, but if they were smarter they would have moved somewhere warmer.

5. Milodon

Where? Puerto Natales, Chile

Why? Kind of big sloth that got extinct because he was too lazy to move for food. They hug gringos.

6. This Donkey

Happy donkey

Where? Kashgar, Xinjang, China

Why? 5th leg for no reason. Other donkeys are awesome

7. The Paulo Coelho reader

Where? You can find them in any place with a “good energy”, but they thrive in The Banana Pancake Trail. Eat-Pray-Lovers are their relatives

Why? No comments. I am being generous not placing them in nr 1

9. Buffalo

Bondage buffalo

Where?  Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Why? See pic

10. Surfers

Where? Many places, but the Bali ones are the worst of their species

Why? OK, you can stand on a table on water, got it, congrats! and that makes you think you are cooler than other people