The Cheapest Beer in the World – Top 13

Tired of reading useless crap on this blog? Well, here you have a post with some useful information.
Disclaimer: As any ranking, it is subjective and a bit random. Usually based on bar prices at the time I was there. Don’t complain if after reading this you take the first flight to Dushanbe and get charged 50c for a beer. Any suggestion is welcomed, What? Did you find cheaper beer? Where? Burundi you said? I am going!

Please drink responsibly, don’t spill your beer

Hors catégorie – República Bolivariana de Venezuela

About €0.11 for a 22cl ice-cold Polar in a bar (May 2018). Approx price as it can go up overnight so can do the currency exchange.

Other things to do… Find toilette paper and not getting robbed

1. Tajikistan

€0.32 will get you a pint in the local bars around the bazaar in the capital. They pump it from the keg like when you inflate bike tire. The company and curiosity of friendly locals come free. Be careful or you can end up in jail.

Other things to do… Have a buzkashi game

2. Myanmar

From €0.40 a pint, omnipresent beer stations will keep you well hydrated on those hot Burmese days Orwell used to talk about.

Other things to do… Chew on betel nut

3. Georgia

From 1.5-2 lari (0.50-0.70€). Wine and chacha are dirt cheap as well.

Other things to do… Stalin

4. Ukraine

Probably the cheapest in Europe, good range, and quality as well!

Other things to do… Fight for the Donetsk People’s Republic

5. Cambodia

From $0.50 33cl of draft beer.

Other things to do… Blow up a cow with a rocket launcher

6. Czech Republik

It’s said that beer in Prague is cheaper than water. I can’t tell as I didn’t drink water while there. Most Eastern European countries are a good deal as well (Poland, Slovakia, Albania, Belarus, Hungary, the Baltics…) The word “piv@” will get you a long way.

Other things to do… Absinthe

7. Samara, Russia

The Zhiguli brewery is by the Volga. Probably, you will have to queue to get a bottle filled with a hose (1.5l or 5l are the only choices). Then you can join the friendly local folks and enjoy your beer watching the sunset over the river. More on next episodes…

Other things to do… Nothing. The Lada factory is just 90 km away, sadly I haven’t been.

8. China

If your choice of beer is usually the likes of Corona, Heineken, Cruzcampo, Fosters… you will like it there. I was in doubt whether to include China in this list, but well the title says “cheap”, not “good”. Ice cold big bottle of beer at 0.5€. Still, you will need to down a few to feel something or forget about the taste.

Other things to do… Jackie Chan spotting, play real-life Mahjong

9. Nicaragua

Local beers Victoria and Toña are not bad. Rum drinks (mojitos included) are inexpensive as well.

Other things to do… Volcano boarding

10. Laos

1 euro for a 660ml Beerlao, though for the same price you have a liter of Lao Lao (rice whisky, about 40%).

Other things to do… Crash a wedding, opium

11. Kyrgyzstan

If you feel like having a refreshing break from the vodka and kymys (fermented mare milk) you will be forced to drink, a beer won’t break your bank.

Other things to do… Bride kidnapping

12. Belgium

Certainly not the cheapest but I decided to add it because it is the best in the world and totally worth what you pay. Nowadays there is a big worldwide hip about craft beer, meaning you can find great beers and many choices in a lot of places but long before, top quality stuff was being brewed at Belgian abbeys. Good that monks keep their hands with the hops instead of children.

Other things to do… The disappointment tour: Manneken Pis + Atomium + EU bureaucrats

13. Lidl

All around Europe. Especially useful in the most expensive countries. Good value for your money and fairly good beers. And no, I don’t get sponsored by Lidl.

Other things to do… Buy bananas

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