Highway to Heaven

In the previous season (6 years ago). Not sure if that would be possible at this time as the Chinese government triggered article 155 on Xinjiang giving Uyghurs a hard time. For “security reasons” (they don’t want you to know what is happening), foreigners cannot roam freely now around some areas. This time I visited the other side of the Karakoram Highway, Gilgit-Baltistan.
Accommodation here often comes with a small carpet so you can pray to Allah for the WiFi to work. Some hight-tech toilette adaptors as well to please gora ass.
Better than Japan
Transport can involve going on top of vehicles, from buses to fire engines or police cars.
Better than air-con

Passu is a quiet place dominated by the Passu towers. There are a couple of glaciers around, a lake good for swimming… A few short treks can be done, in one of them, I had to fight one of my worst enemies, bridges, that here come to a new level.
Looks safe
Minapin is a pretty green village with the usual suspects of this area: friendly locals, goats, yummy cherries, plenty of apricots and some greenery.
From there you can hike to pretty Rakaposhi base camp, and from that one cross a glacier to the Diran one.
Rakaposhi 7.8K approx
Vakaposhi (only makes sense in Spanish)
Kabraposhi (same)

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